The Pigs are coming!

The Pigs are coming!

Maybe the routine would change if we made the first move and invited the roaming pigs to stop by at an assigned time for a nibble.  Enough of this sitting back and waiting for them to take charge without confirming dates …

Yes, you might sense already that we’re a little fed up with their boycott on courtesy.  There’s no “let’s check the calendar and see what’s open” dialogue that might make their visits awaited drop by’s.

They prefer to visit quietly (we’re guessing usually at night or while we’re eating dinner and cataloguing the sunset). They come by hoof and push over any small rock walls that get in the way.

And they’re fantastically sloppy, having never mastered the local custom of picking up after themselves.  Plus, they seem to like exactly what we like. They poke around and rearrange the current condition of the property and then make uninvited stop overs at the pink grapefruit trees, which they devour without checking in for consent. Not to mention the low-hanging mangoes or our avocados.

So when we take our morning walks, go on tractor duty, pull up the driveway, how can we not see the carnage and random pulp remains left behind. At least they could stack what they don’t finish to the side, for easy removal– if only they thought twice about leaving behind a favorable impression.

And it’s not just those sweet tasting citrus treats we both have a taste for — but their general boorishness during their unmanned missions to find bugs, remodel, test the irrigation system —whatever seems right.

Now it’s true, unlike our wise neighbors, we don’t fence our property and our laxity could be misinterpreted as our endorsement of an open door policy. So we’re thinking we may have to work on this misunderstanding with a wired system that makes our feelings perfectly clear. Or we may have to refresh our Pig Latin and forge a treaty. Knock first (gently), one per customer, and thank you notes are such a nice touch.


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