Say cheese

Say cheese

My tummy is getting rounder in large part because of my yen for cheese.
“Just say no” would be a better title than say cheese.

I prefer it freshly cut from a wedge or block rather than pre-sliced. But either will suffice when it comes to satisfying the call for cheese.

I also like it added to grocery-bought frozen pizza … to savor it melted. Either way, solid or melted, it’s a hit!

Do I count calories? Not when I’m slicing a mouthful off a big chunk.
So you see I like to snack on this dairy treat.

Of course, snacking on dairy means different things to different folks. For my husband, a dairy snack comes out of the freezer. Then it’s no longer cheese but ice cream instead.

Imagine a cheesicle?  Or frozen cheese in any form? Calcium-rich treats for all.

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