Adventurous cell phones

Adventurous cell phones

Bryce has a perplexing problem. Something’s missing in her life. Her cell phone’s gone. No forwarding address, no heartfelt good byes … just one day it was there and the next day it wasn’t!

I have a theory that it happened about the same time she started “planking” (looks like a push-up) in the gym. Gravitational forces may have re-situated her precious aqua phone far from home. I keep telling her that it’s on an adventure. Away. But where?

Nobody said it would be easy. But unlike me she hasn’t got the hang of worrying. Last heard from, she was drinking a smoothie and resting in her Lazy Boy. A dear friend of hers recently made a reconnaissance tour of where the phone was last seen. Friends who help you search for lost phones are hard to find. This was after Bryce turned her house and car downside-up and upside down seeking cellular reunification.

Bryce hasn’t found it so far and I’ve told her it’s on an adventure. She assured me that it was never taken for granted so she didn’t think it would run away from her tote bag.

I know about cell phone adventures. About three weeks ago, I gave my cell phone an unexpected bath. I have a bad habit of not screwing lids on as tightly as most people do. I do it my own way — which isn’t recommended for those avoiding spillage.

Last time my phone was up to the job, I was filling a thermos with cold water, and managed to leave a safe passage for curious H20 molecules to wander across. Not really funny — because what happened is that the bottle shifted in my plastic beach bag and spilled enough to create a puddle that dramatically shortened my cell’s life. Maybe I shouldn’t have assumed that my phone could swim. My android’s last adventure.

Bryce has nothing to worry about. She knows it’s coming back with tales to tell.

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