I’m Coming Clean… We own a Tesla

This is tough. Almost as tough as when my girlfriend Joanna, a very special classmate, came to the island, and we picked her and Steve up in our shiny silver car. Who would have guessed that a three year old Tesla (“Tes”) could cause me such internal turmoil. (I could only imagine what she’d think.)

Our 2012 black Chevy Volt was back in the garage plugged in for the day and would have been less roomy for a tour of the island; otherwise we could have hidden Tes at home.

My father, the late George Gilbert, who I’ll always adore, commented early on, that my husband was born with car keys in his mouth. He likes cars. My dad did too but never owned a Tesla or a Volt or any other electric vehicle.

I was embarrassed that my classmate would consider me a philistine or worse. And it was her husband’s first trip to Hawaii…. But Joanna, being the worldly woman she is, didn’t say a peep about the gorgeous car. And I think they both enjoyed the ride.

I said it. Got it off my chest and I feel better already. Next time you visit, you can see for yourself.

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