Spending less for more or less

Spending less for more or less

I’m married to a master negotiator. He was born with the will to make things happen. He even makes stuck wheels turn his way.  I’m guessing it has something to do with his Type B blood, instant know-how passed through ancestors who refused to give in.  Not me.  I prefer to find things hidden under mossy stones. I let my eyes lead and turn up my ears when something makes them glow.  True, I lit up when Dustin Hoffman was asked at the Golden Globes about who he’d most like to spend time with that night and he inched closer to his wife of so many years, and declared: “She’s right next to me.”  Even my treadmill sighed.  And last week, during a 15 minute T.J. Maxx bargain-hungry show-down,  I found some very distinctive  gloves passed over by hoards of distracted conquistadors. Good-looking and soft — with frayed fingertips practically auditioning for a mark-down. Plain breathless to cash in my win until I was told they were “texting gloves,” in perfect form.  Anyway,  who needs bulky fingertips this time of year?

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  1. yes2u says:

    For every glove, there is a hand somewhere waiting. Like hand and glove, the 2 go together, through fine and stormy weather.

  2. pgb says:

    What a lovely thought, yes2u.

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