Movies that kept me in my seat

Movies that kept me in my seat

I have very few credentials to help me launch an imaginary career as a movie critic.  But if I ever landed an interview, I’d say a little about my high school newspaper profile about the just-emerging  Joni Mitchell, after hearing “Clouds”for the first time — how I once chatted with Dustin Hoffman outside the stage door after watching “Jimmy Shine,” and how I sat not more than 20 feet away from Richard Burton when he dazzled us in “Equus. ” And if my interviewer was still paying attention, I’d go on and on about the time I shook hands with Katharine Hepburn, when she returned to campus for the first time in 1973.  What a classy, kind-hearted, lovely alum —

Oh, wait, this one’s pretty good — I hammed up Glenda Jackson’s part, so Simon Williams could practice his lines for “The Incredible Sarah”‘ during the summer of 1975. He played James Bellamy in “Upstairs, Downstairs.”

Well, when I first sat down to make this list, I considered naming a bunch of  movies that I wish I’d never seen. But my chief adviser, and only one-eyed monkey, Cecile Simian, suggested that I put this off for another time.  She knows more than I do about movie etiquette: I obey her.  So, I’ll scribble down a quick list of movies that made it very difficult for me to surrender my seat … No particular order — just movies that left a mark along the way.

The Clockmaker  (I’ve only seen this gem once — the audience barely moved even after the credits ended.  I must watch it again)

Broadcast News

Mississippi Burning

Some Like It Hot

Almost Famous


The Graduate

My Favorite Year

The In-Laws (the original with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk)

The Birdcage

Play It Again, Sam

Small Time Crooks

Midnight Express


and even though I hated it the first time — Bonfire of the Vanities — Jimmy and I adored the book!

And — I vote “Aye” for Lincoln! It should have won as best picture of 2012!







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