From seeds to chopped headphone wires: gardening techniques to unlearn!

From seeds to chopped headphone wires: gardening techniques to unlearn!

Maybe it was my yellow cotton gardening gloves from the Puako General Store that made the difference. They mottled up right away,  which made it seem like I’d been digging up carrots with Peter Rabbit since childhood. Which is hardly true … but I’m guessing a few untrained but eager to learn tomato seeds may have been coaxed into believing that I was well-mentored in the by-laws of cultivation, which gave them the confidence they needed to survive the harrowing underground route past the lava layer and on through the compost to get a closer look at the beaming Sunlight above.

Not only did these tomatoes emerge on their own custom-driven schedule, but they looked exactly like the pictures on the packet, where they’d once spent their earliest days, long before I bought my yellow gloves. And even if Peter and I hadn’t gathered carrots together when I was growing up,  at some point in between practicing Fur Elise, memorizing trigonometry tricks, and remembering the right subway stops, I’d heard enough about watering and weeding to make a go of it, a long time after.

And as I grew accustomed to watering and snipping off decaying leaves and unnecessary stems, another part of life got in the way. My dangling headphone wire that connected me  to never forgotten tunes that carried me away under the hot sun… well, it  got carried away, too, with one unintended chomp.

And so I hope with 2015 coming up, I’ll master another step in cultivation. Knowing all about what not to cut…

And I have a feeling that I’ll be lots more discerning with so much going on.  And I hope you will be, too, in this coming year of all possibilities!

May your very own 2015 be filled with unimaginable joys and precious delights!










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