And now, Jimmy, the great maestro, rests, too

And now, Jimmy, the great maestro, rests, too

A new loss that brings with it such delicious memories — Maestro James DePreist,  Jimmy to every Oregonian, is now forever still.

A long time ago, Jimmy  gave me a little ceramic pot with a picture of an ice fisherman at work.  “This is what you do for me,” he explained in the kindest way.   But there wasn’t any ice when I was pitching national media about a great conductor who let nothing dwarf his ascension.  Nobody ever sent me more effusive thank you notes for doing what was so very possible.  I remember the carrot soup that he made for lovely Ginette and me and the time he shouted out from the podium that he liked my new clamshell earrings.  We once courted Time and Newsweek together and raced through “Bonfire of the Vanities,” reporting our progress over the phone.   Jimmy helped the world notice the Oregon Symphony and took us all on such a good ride across the hills.

This is what Allan Kozinn wrote in his NY Times obituary about Jimmy:

One of Jimmy’s favorite symphonic movements —  the fourth from Mahler’s Fifth Symphony —

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  1. S.L. Ackerman says:

    Love the look of your website/blog Pam-
    -the colors, the feel, and especially the adorable font that you have as header of each post. Very very well done. And hearty congrats on your book, if you ever have a NYC event that I could link to in my column, please let me know.

  2. Great to reconnect again Pam

    • pgb says:

      So nice reconnecting with a High School of Music and Art classmate who was always at least three steps ahead of the rest of us! And still is! Thanks for joining me here, Shelley!

  3. pgb says:

    And it’s time that I thanked Josh Rudzek who knew exactly how to collaborate with me — and who very patiently and creatively built a new house to shelter my words. Lots of fun working with you, Josh! Thank you!

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