Where Do The Spammers Sleep At Night?

Where Do The Spammers Sleep At Night?

And do they wake up to smiling faces and a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and sliced bananas and crushed almonds and walnuts?  Or do they cuddle up with the cockroaches deep in the walls?  Do they know who Laurie Colwin was and why she’s still my favorite author, or do they squirm around without books in lonely ditches?

I know what certain spammers were up to when they should have been sleeping.  They bombarded one of my posts with almost 2000 brainless ads. So I finally decided to surrender my tribute, “Spring Forward,” all about Spring and Maestro Sixten Ehrling (once a client/friend), after all their sunglasses, etc. commercials spun out of control.

And then I asked my webmaster for help.  But even Josh couldn’t quite close every door.  So, when Father’s Day’s over — I don’t want to ask, today — he’s such a caring dad and deserves his day in the sun  — I’m going to ask him to turn off the switch.  No more public comments.  The Spammers lose this game!

So dear readers, when you feel like connecting, please go through my contact section.  Thank you for finding the time to visit.

Now about today:  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to every wonderful father!!!  I’m lucky to know so many.  The job’s not easy — the pay’s worse.  But, oh, those dividends and matchless joy! Hugs.

My very biggest hug goes to my terrific husband who fathers so well …  Happy Father’s Day,  I love you.


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