Uncommon Scents – 1973

Uncommon Scents – 1973

“No secrets between us,” he whispered.

“Wait a second … none at all?”

“Non, ma cherie.”  His how shall we say French accent was Collegiate perfect.

“But if this is going to be a Significant Romance…. shouldn’t there be a little left unsaid?” I said practicing my coy Music and Art tongue.

Significant — where did you ever get the notion this would ever be significant,” he asked me, after chasing me for four months  — spurned opera tickets and one or two rejected motorcyle ride invitations. Singing the theme from Camelot, retrofitted with the word “Pamela.”

“Y is my guess.”  He knew his perfumes well for a sophomore … And all the people he knew made me dizzy, but I was already so dizzy in love with him  — who cared about the rest.

“No, not Y, but I like the bottle.  And I wear more than one perfume, sometimes.”

“Go on,”  he said, listening like nobody else ever had before. “Is Joy on your list? How about Caline? Cabochard?”

“You’ve been around … let’s see … Miss Dior mostly, and my absolute favorite…”

“I’m listening…”

“I know you are …  I love Le Dix!”

“Isn’t that a night time perfume — is that what you’re wearing now?”

“My grandmother gave me Ma Griffe, before I left for college.”

“Back to the Le Dix… ”

“There are no laws about when to wear it!”

“It’s very pretty.  Le Dix means 10 … as in 10 PM.”

“I honestly didn’t know it was meant for evenings.  I can’t believe it!  I feel –”

“I think it’s perfect for you. I like Miss Dior, too. More demure. Works well for finals week.”

“Is it really meant for owl time?  I wore Miss Dior more last year and, of course, I’d never dream of wearing Chanel Number 5!”

“I wouldn’t think so. Not you!”





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