Kelsie’s Special Day Lands on Target!

Kelsie’s Special Day Lands on Target!

Imagine if our birthdays showed up more than once a year!  We could have almost daily lunches at Pink Mocha Cafe, or even cozier, in the back room after chair yoga, where we’d take lots of pics and clean up our crumbs.  But there’s a quota on how many we can celebrate: one per person, based on when we first arrived.  And, January 31st is the day that our fearless leader chose to come on stage.  (Personally, I think she deserves at least five birthdays.)

Kelsie’s stage is built in multiple layers. She has her desk at the front, where she sometimes rides the stationary bike and taps out blogs. And mingles with prospective clients and swipes our cards, figures out the taxes, and plans her next innovation. Never too preoccupied to look up and greet us warmly. Or else she’s up and at ’em with one of her trainees, hair tucked in a high bun or floating past her shoulders.

Its seems like there’s always another change that leaps out of her never resting dendrites. New signs to be designed for indoor/outdoor displays, new gatherings, a revised website in the works.  … even snowflakes on the wall when the sun is blazing outside. New “this and thats” to make her two floor elephantine Trunk Trainers headquarters feel like no other: cozy with lots of elbow room and machines to climb. Happy spirits prevailing, whether you sweat or not…

What can you expect from somebody who runs the shop, is an adoring and attentive mommy, and an adoring and attentive wife, not to mention a champion Ironmom, who stashed water bottles on the road to hydrate herself on stifling practice runs, who found a fix for  a burst bicycle tire, and swam and swam at the big event while water invaded her goggles?

Kelsie, whose name is spelled the way her parents spotted it among screen credits… Kelsie, who knows the names of the people who tinker with her machines when they need fixing and  enthusiastically greets every client by name. Where do all these memories live? Oh, dear, dear Kelsie, who makes everyone feel more like a friend than a client!  It’s hard to conceive of anything she won’t or can’t do … well, she doesn’t like to eat tomatoes.

I know you’ll agree that Kelsie should be allowed more than one birthday a year.  All that she knows, all that she does couldn’t possibly belong to one dynamic soul. Happy birthday, Kelsie!



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