Expotition? (Is it in the dictionary?)

Just as I was starting to have fun, two family members told me they were feeling concerned about the spelling of a large word on top of the page.  Expotition, if you’re curious.   Some folks forget important things, and I told them it wasn’t misspelled by me — but by Pooh Bear in “Winnie-the-Pooh.”  And I looked it up in a special dictionary.  (A.R. Melrose, The Pooh Dictionary:  The Complete Guide to the Words of Pooh and All the Animals in the Forest, 1995)   Expotition refers to “voyages of discovery in which, it is hoped by all concerned, nothing Fierce is discovered.” The term is rarely used, according to the Pooh Dictionary.   I like that.  Colin made sure it’s very noticeable around here.




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