Do you know what happened to Little Tiger?

Do you know what happened to Little Tiger?

Have I mentioned anything about our koi pond before? It’s so pretty– right next to our front door. When we moved in two years/eight months/seven days ago, there were two rather neglected goldfish floating absentmindedly in a pond fit for a prince or two.  A week later, Bill brought home two lively goldfish-like animals to spice things up, and then after considerable ogling, we chose our first-time-ever baby kois.  Kois!  Very smart fish who answer to their names and make us smile each time we look at them.  Bill has fed them diligently and I’ve called their names lovingly, every single day.

Papa Koi (Bill calls him King Koi) has been so responsive and loving. His common law partner, Mama Koi to me and Queen Koi to Bill, also welcomed our love. Until one day, after more than two years, we couldn’t find Mama Koi  — and then sadly Bill spotted her out of the pond hidden in the tall grass, lifeless.  I insisted that we head back to PetSmart, where we examined a new shipment of baby kois, before adopting a really playful young fish I instantly named Little Tiger.

So when I  shout: “Papa Koi!!!”  Papa Koi swims out from his hiding spot in the pond and executes elegant loops for us in the main area.

Our Little Tiger (not to be confused with the menacing tiger sharks who send shivers up swimmers’ spines in the sometimes-not-so Pacific Ocean), adjusted immediately to his surroundings, his new home.

You see Papa Koi is truly a big boy, as I tell him each time he catches my eye.  A very big, possibly overfed boy!

Little Tiger, extra-bouncy from the start, and well-liked by the local goldfish, was quickly learning to report for duty every time he heard “Little Tiger!” LT was showing real promise as a loving partner, as a popular community member — until  a couple of days ago!  Suddenly, he was nowhere to be found!  I called and called. Bill searched the pond rigorously with a bamboo stick that usually prods a swift response from our off-duty fish. No Little Tiger! “Little Tiger?What happened to our darling Little Tiger?

So now, we now have just one hearty koi and four charming little fishies.  Aloha, Little Tiger!  (We miss you.)

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