Please come in. I know — everything’s changed around here.

Please come in.  I know — everything’s changed around here. Is this still  Did new tenants move in?

Nope — no new occupant.  Just some new furniture, new ways of getting around, new words. It’s been six years since I first moved in and set up a place for my stories. Time to re-organize!

Plus, I wanted to be looking my best for the Year of the Water Dragon — just once every 60 years!  And if you too were born in 1952 (after January 23), then you know something’s up for us.

So we packed up the stories from the old place and added a new one — In the Beholder’s Eye.  And there are some thumbnails on top that show what happened to me before the Water Dragon came back.   Please — click on them. Colin knows the magic — and they’ll carry your eye to the next stop.


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